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Mouth Cancer Awareness Day on Wednesday 15th September 2021

Please Support Mouth Cancer Awareness Day on Wednesday 15th September 2021


Mouth Cancer Awareness Day (MCAD) takes place on Wednesday 15th September and is an annual campaign run by the Mouth Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Ireland Group.

Over 700 cases of mouth, head and neck cancer are diagnosed every year in Ireland, and this figure has been steadily increasing in recent years.  While Mouth, Head & Neck Cancer can occur at any age, the majority of mouth cancers are diagnosed in the over 55’s and a high proportion of patients use tobacco and/or alcohol.

This year the campaign will focus on raising awareness of the link between Alcohol and Mouth Cancer

The aim of MCAD is to:

  1. Promote public and professional awareness of mouth head & neck Cancer and the link between alcohol and these cancers. 
  2. To establish in the public mind their “right to know” the links between alcohol and mouth head and neck cancers.
  3. Promote early detection and encourage earlier presentation with signs and concerns about mouth head and neck cancer to improve potential outcomes.